music project

Instrumental music with psychedelic electronic sound.

Improvisational music band started in Barnaul city, Russia.

One of our features is original psychedelic electronic sound of acoustic instruments.
Performances are usually fully non-stop inprovisation.

Style vary from Psyhedelic Chill to Dark Ambient and Noise.

Band founded fall 2005, when several enthusiasts of vargan music playing decided to start creating and recording new music.

Since the beginning of the band different people participated in album recordings and live performances: Sergey Petrov, Anton Lyamkin, Alexander Kiba, Yakov Denisov, Tatyana Peryazeva, Evgeny Kulik, Alexey Antonov, Maria Bezsonova, Ekaterina Zlobina and band founder - Anton Aniskin.

Since the beginning of band`s life in 2005
seven albums have been recorded
Onetoothz [2005-2006] Frigida Records, Qulture Production
Energized [2006] Frigida Records
In The Forest [2007]
Efir [2009]
CFL [2010]
Static dance [2022]
Outer Temple [2023]
During music recording process, participants do a lot of strange things, such as tearing paper, ringing a glass with a spoon, placing mic into a bath with water etc... Same with FXs applied ) We also use regular instruments, for example guitars, percussions, throat singing etc.
New album Outer Temple
out now!
Listen to new album

You can also listen to old tracks here: КОСМОМУЗ (
  • Monitors FOCAL Solo 6 BE Red
  • Audiointerface Mackie Big knob studio
  • Microphone Rode NT1A
  • Microphone pair Rode NT55
  • Headphones AKG MK2 K240

  • FL Studio Signature edition
  • Adobe Audition
  • PSP Wintage Warmer

  • Shaman drum
  • 5 vargans
  • 2 singing bowls
  • Okarina
  • Wind staff made of acacia fruit
  • Cymbaks and Rolmo
  • ...and more